Archology Tower
The Archology Tower would not be feasible without the high speed rail link underneath the towers.

Rising from the banks of Victoria Harbour to a maximum elevation of 440m, the ‘Kissing Towers’ provide a self-sufficient, self-sustaining vertical neighbourhood in the centre of Hong Kong. The building houses three main functional zones spread across 250 000m2, with lower levels containing offices and commercial space, the intermediate levels an agricultural zone and the upper levels residential apartments.

Transport within the building is split, with a primary lift system serving a series of public nodes situated between the functional zones in each tower. From these public nodes runs a secondary lift system which enables shorter journeys within each functional zone and keeps journey times to a minimum.

Responding to the context within both the city and the building, the public nodes provide a range of retail, recreational and social spaces offering all the amenities required to generate a dynamic and thriving community.