Following a UKTI trade mission WestonWilliamson were commissioned by Russia Rail to improve Kurskiy station in Moscow. The design needed to incorporate additional commercial and retail space in order to contribute to the costs of the improved station. A new entrance to the station leads to a wide over bridge with stairs, escalators and lifts down to the platforms. The overbridge leads to a Bromfield Site which is capable of regeneration from this new connectivity. The revenue from the available commercial space contributes 70% of the cost of the improved station facility. Kurskiy Station is the busiest interchange in Moscow with significant opportunities for regeneration and development. Weston Williamson produced a strategic proposal for the Kurskiy area to become a destination in its own right, generating significant commercial value and helping to renew the station and surrounding areas.

The masterplan includes a new hotel and office buildings and there are two options for retail and commercial developments replacing the existing the station. The proposed scheme is considered to be a catalyst for urban regeneration in the area since there are many derelict and underused industrial functions in the vicinity.

Our strategic proposal works through a series of options to the preferred design using analysis from passenger movement and an integrated business economic model. The proposal integrates with the surrounding area while future proofing for growth and regeneration. Funding has now been approved for the new station allowing development to commence.