Pedestrianise Crouch End

WestonWilliamson+Partners hold FRIDEAS sessions where everyone in the studio is encouraged to pin up an idea to make London a better place and improve the quality of life.

Often the ideas involve cycling safety or encouraging better use of the river. Sometimes ideas involve local initiatives usually related to the areas in which our staff live.

One recent FRIDEA was to bring the Reginald Uren designed Town Hall at Crouch End and the forecourt into better use. The area between Dunns Bakers and the clock tower would have a shared surface with a 10 mph restriction for all vehicles. Pedestrians would have priority and all road signs, traffic lights and barriers would be removed. The shared surface would extend in front of the town hall with cafes and restaurants facing the paved square. The proposals would transform Crouch End and civilise the centre and establish a new urban typology which would attract greater shopping with a calmer environment, better air quality and health benefits.

The drawings for the idea have been covered by the Crouch End Journal and some of these are now incorporated in the brief for the new plans for the Town Hall redevelopment.